Recent AC Energy Projects

Recent AC Energy Projects

  Domestic Case Studies

A 3.6kW System In Whitchurch, Shropshire

Our first installation under the new 5 Year Production Output Guarantee. The system consists of 12 LG 300W panels with a Samil 3680TL inverter mounted in the garage.

But what makes this special is the 5 Year Production Output Guarantee, which means that not only is the installation and the equipment guaranteed but so is the output from the system.

The guarantee fixes a guaranteed level of 90% of the forecast output and should electricity generation fall below the guaranteed level, for any reason, then the guarantee pays the owner the value of the lost electricity generation and the lost feed in tariff.

Ever likely the owner’s smiling, he’s got all the benefits of solar PV with no downside.

A 2.70kW Solar PV Project In Kingsley Holt

This installation was interesting for a number of reasons. Firstly the client was very knowledgable, having already instaklled a solar thermal system and was very keen to maximise the output from his roof, depsite the presence of the solar thermal making the roof less than ideal.

A number of panel options were considered including mid-range Chinese panels to keep capital costs down to higher output, high efficiency systems to maiximise kWh outoput from the roof. The client chose the brand new LG Neon 300W monocrystalline panels coupled with a Samil inverter.

This was our first install using the 300W version of this panel as they are brand new into the UK and we were very impressed with the build quality of the LG 300W as we always have been with the more common 285W version. At a capital cost of just over £5,400, this is a slightly more expensive installation but the quality of the panels and the efficiency enabled the client to maximise the output from his roof and maximise the annual benefit from the Feed in Tariff.

A 3.00kWp Solar PV System In Adderley Green, Stoke On Trent

We recently completed a 3.00kWp solar panel installation on an end terrace in Adderley Green. This was one or our first installations using the Perlight PLM250W panel, which is a robust, quality panel with a very good price tag. The system was coupled to an Afore inverter providing real value for money.

At a price of just over £5,000 (October 2013) the return on the solar system is expected to be 14.6% per annum.

A 4kW Solar Installation In Brown Edge, Staffordshire

This solar power installation was interesting as it was on a SE facing roof and had to be designed to fit around skylights and other roof structures. The site is also partly shaded and a 3D computer model was created to provide comprehensive calculations of the effect of shading from distant trees.

The total project cost was a fraction over £5000 (Oct 2012) with a 6-7 year payback and an estimated return of 15%.

A 2.50kW Solar Power Installation In Longton, Stoke On Trent

This solar PV system was installed on a bungalow in a prominent position. The installation consists of 10 Hyundai 250W black monocrystalline panels with an SMA inverter fitted into the loft.

The installation was a dream with no major issues or complications and the project was completed in just a single day.

The cost of the solar array was £5,971 (July 2012) and it is forecast to produce a return in the first year of over 12% and a lifetime profit of over £20,000.

A 3.50kW Solar PV Install In Trentham, Stoke On Trent

An interesting application on a bungalow that had been fully converted by the owner just a few months before, i.e. no loft space at all! The system had to be designed to take into account the requirement for no internal cable runs on newly plastered walls and no cable runs visible from the front aspect.

In addition the panel layout had to fit around the Velux windows and be sufficiently far from these to ensure that water running off the panels could not be blown in through open windows.

A 12 panel, 3.50kWp system was designed using Amerisolar 250W panels with a SMA SunnyBoy 3000tl-20 inverter. The system was installed in the weeks leading up to the Feed in Tariff cut and received accreditation in time to gain the 43p/kWh rate. The return the system produced was an amazing 15%.

A 1.5kW Solar PV System In Werrington, Stoke On Trent

This property was a small 3 bedroom detached house with an east/west facing roof; not an ideal application for a solar PV system. However the house owner extended the house above the adjacent garage to create a 4th bedroom and chose to build a north/south facing roof onto the extension.

A survey was done from drawings and following discussions with the builders we designed a 1.22kWp solar PV array to fit the new roof. Sharp 245kW panels were chosen because of their cost and sizing. The array was installed and connected to a SMA Sunnyboy 1700 inverter fitted onto the gable in the loft of the existng roof.

The builder already had scaffolding erected but was not willing to extend the hire of the scaffold to enable the solar PV array to be fitted so we arranged to fit the system over a weekend immediately after the roof was tiled. The array was connected to the grid on the following Monday and the house owner began generating electricity and savings before the extension was complete.

The system cost was £3,800 and it is forecast to generate savings and FiT benefits of £600 per year or over £21,000 over it’s lifetime.

  Commercial Case Studies

EPIC Housing Association

Following a succesful tender process AC Energy installed a 9.75kWp solar PV system on the Housing Association’s offices in Bentilee, Stoke on Trent.

The system consisted of 39 EC Solar all black monocrystalline panels in three arrays coupled to a single Samil 10000TL 3 phase inverter. Installation took place over a 3 day period.