How do we install a solar pv system?

How do we install a solar pv system?

There are just a few simple steps to owning a solar PV system and making money while the sun shines.

    1. Assessment

We have created an online assessment form that helps us decided if your home is potentially suitable for solar panels. For example, to fully take advantage of the power from the sun, you need to have a roof that faces from South West to South East.

To get started, complete the solar calculator here.

The calculator is just a guide to give you some idea of what might be possible and it gives us some basic information which we will need to complete a more detailed evaluation. If you are not sure about any of the questions feel free to Email or just call us on 01782 349308 instead.

    2. Evaluation

Once we’ve got all your details through, we’ll then do an online survey of your property within 48 hours to check if your home is suitable. If we think that your home is suitable, we’ll then send out an engineer to your home within 72 hours to do a survey, and decide on the best system to install. This is a totally free service, so even in the unlikely case that your home isn’t suitable; you won’t be charged a penny. Following the survey, you’ll receive a comprehensive quotation based on your particular location which will detail, in full, the costs and benefits of Solar PV.

    3. Installation

If you’re happy, then once you’ve given us the go ahead, we will schedule the installation at a time that suits you.

We are MCS accredited which means you’ll get a reliable, trustworthy service. Solar panels can be installed in just a couple of days, and we’ll mainly be based outside your house. We’ll need access to your loft to fit some of the equipment, but we’ll do our best not to disturb you – in fact, you don’t even need to be there if you don’t want to be!

    4. Warranty

There is no reason that PV systems won’t last as long as the building itself. We use high performance panels that are tailored to your home and all of our panels are backed by a manufacturers 25 years warranty and we supply a 2 year warranty on the installation itself.

    5. Sit back and enjoy the benefits!

Once the panels are up and running you need do nothing…just sit back and make money while the sun shines!